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About our site

Vermont Church Supply was established in 1945 by Barrett & Doris Clark with brother-in-law Kenneth Lovejoy. Originally located in the family home at 11 Monroe Street in the coal bin, the first store was built in 1954 and located at 348 Flynn Avenue in Burlington, Vt.

During 1965, a lot was purchased at 676 Pine Street, Burlington, Vermont, and a new building built which still serves as our present location. The family business is now owned and operated by Barrett & Doris's four sons: Neil, John, Thomas and Robert.
The store at 676 Pine Street serves as a retail store, as well as the office and warehouse for our catalog and direct mail operation.
During our early years, the focus area was Vermont, New Hampshire and northern New York. In 1978 Vermont Church Supply printed its first complete church catalog which allows us to show more of our products and services to our customers.
With the yearly publication of our complete church catalog we have greatly expanded our market area. We now cover seven states and have customers sprinkled throughout the United States and a dozen foreign countries.